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How to gain positioning on Instagram

Social networks are no longer what they used to be … Now, in addition to being platforms for socializing with other people, they are also showcases to the international world. Stores are increasingly present on social platforms, and especially on Instagram , the most widely used network in the world globally right now. Therefore, it is currently very important to have a good positioning on Instagram for them to find your audience.

The two main objectives of companies in social networks are:


  • Increase your reach : have more visibility and improve your positioning on Instagram
  • Increase your conversions sell more and increase your income.

Social networks can help you increase your reach and visibility, but you have to go further and work on a strategy so that your presence on these platforms helps your business. 

Improving your positioning on Instagram means increasing sales or conversions

Therefore, next I am going to leave you some tips to improve your positioning on Instagram and that after analyzing your strategy you see an increase in your reach and visibility of your brand. Later you will see a variation in your conversions .

Tips to improve your Instagram positioning

As we have previously commented, if you do not appear on social networks, for the vast majority of people you do not exist. This does not mean that when you create your profile, your customers will magically appear in your business.

As in all digital marketing, you must prepare a strategy so that your company’s positioning on Instagram grows and has a greater reach.

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Follow these seven tips and thus you will improve your positioning on Instagram , so you will see that your strategy will pay off.

Show your product 

Show your products or share the services you perform. As I have already told you before, social networks are a showcase, but many times not only does this work and you have to go further by teaching what you do 

  • You have to stand out from your competition , so it shows your content in full action and shows its advantages.
  • Show your product in an eye-catching way , share original content and generate attention to your potential customers.

This way your potential customers will be interested in your products and you will stand out from your competitors. You will get better positioning on Instagram. 

Facilitate the purchase of your product

One of the biggest problems Instagram has is that you can only use the bio link or sell through Instagram Shopping. 

So you have to know how to use the link of your Instagram profile so that it does not make the purchase process more difficult.

There are tools like Metricool that help you optimize your link in bio , creating a landing where you have all the products you share on your website with a link to the product page itself.

This will prevent your customers from getting lost in the purchase process .

Share discount codes or promotions

In addition to increasing sales with discounts, you will give more visibility to your brand , you will improve your company’s Instagram positioning and you will have your customers happy. 

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acer discounts irrelevantly love is something that users of social networks, and also, if you are thinking of buying something they help to make the final decision to buy the product. 

Also making pricing strategies will improve your positioning on Instagram because people will be encouraged to share that product if it can help friends or family to have discounts.

Here is an example of the Freshly Cosmetics brand:

Do you have a physical location? Share it 

If you have a physical store where users can go to see the products in a physical way, make it clear and share it more than once. 

Although social networks are very fashionable and increasingly used, there are still many people who do not trust buying through the Internet and who do not want to risk buying without having seen the products beforehand. 

➡️ Add the address in your bio

➡️ Add the location to the posts you share 

Share user-created content

The opinions of other people who have bought the products that interest them are very important , they will make them decide whether or not to buy the product and they will improve the image that other users have about your company. 

That your followers see how the experience of other users has been will transmit confidence and security to buy the products in your business. That is why users’ content is seen more and more and the recommendations or scores of online stores are used.

It is an action that in addition to improving your positioning on Instagram, will help the decision of many people and increase your number of conversions .

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Take action with Influencers 

The Marketing Influencers is becoming increasingly useful in positioning and selling Instagram social networks and the Internet. These actions will help you promote your products and get more visibility, this will be reflected in sales .

Users receive recommendations from these influencers and are therefore more likely to make the purchase action or decide to convert. 

Use hashtags to tag your product

If you always tag your product with a hashtag, it will be easier for users to find your products . Use hashtags that are popular or that identify your products and be easy to find. 


Pay attention. These hashtags have to be focused on your target audience so that they find your publications, you must be aware that to use hastags you must take into account the audience you are targeting and the sector in which you operate, you should not use any hastag simply because it is very well positioned.

Surely you know that Nike’s slogan is Just Do It , that’s why it has in every publication that it shares on Instagram a hashtag with its motto: #JustDoIt.

And up to here 7 strategies that will help you improve your positioning on Instagram and have greater relevance in this social network. These tips will help you increase conversion and see an increase in your income. 

Go for it!

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