What is the price of LinkedIn Ads?
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What is the price of LinkedIn Ads?

Before knowing what the price of LinkedIn Ads is and deciding to use advertising on Linkedin as a means to achieve our goals, we must ask ourselves if this social network is the right one to achieve them. Today, social networks allow us to reach an audience that would be unthinkable in any other way.

LinkedIn is a key tool to gain presence in the B2B world or if you are looking for a more professional profile, as it is the professional network par excellence, hosting all the relevant information on the professional lives of 500 million users.

Currently, it is no longer a portal only for looking for work, but also for networking, generating new business opportunities.

We must be clear that not all products fit well into this social network, because the type of user it contains is very specific. However if your company and your products fit we can obtain a great profitability.

Purpose of the ads


Like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in LinkedIn Ads we can also carry out, create and manage ad campaigns for a specific audience through the Linkedin Ads tool .

As we have previously mentioned, it is a basic aspect for B2B, but one of the biggest advantages that LinkedIn offers is the segmentation that exists in the social network. It also has the largest number of active users, it is also the social network with the largest number of company pages.

Types of campaigns

But how does advertising on LinkedIn work? The advertising platform of LinkedIn allows us to carry out different types of campaigns , which we will see below, the price of LinkedIn Ads will also vary depending on the different types of ads we use to carry out our campaign.

  • ✔ Sponsored texts : These are the simple and basic ones. In these types of campaigns, a small ad will be published in the sidebar or above, with a title, an image and a small description.
  • ✔ Sponsored content on LinkedIn: they appear as another publication on the wall for the targeted audience that we have previously selected. These types of ads are more visual and attractive, since we can insert an image
  • ✔ Sponsored messages (InMail) : These allow you to send a private message to contact the target audience, but advising them that it is a sponsored message, thus protecting the privacy of users. They also include a call to action button.
    • → We must be especially careful with this type of campaign, since they can be invasive but if we use them to start a conversation about something that they are really interested in, we can achieve very good results.
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Types of budgets

To control the price of LinkedIn Ads, we can do it in three ways:

  • ✔ Total budget : If we decide that our campaign should have a specific budget.
    • → In these cases the total minimum budget is $ 10 per campaign.
  • ✔ Daily budget : if we want to configure a campaign that is always active, this will be the best option.
    • → In which the minimum budget per campaign is $ 10 a day .
  • ✔ Bids : in this way we will establish the maximum amount that we are willing to pay per click, print or per InMail open message. In these cases the price will never be higher than that of your bid.
    • → The minimum bid in these cases is $ 2 per CPC or CPM .

We know that with auctions it is not easy to predict the price of LinkedIn Ads for an ad. But as we have mentioned before, there are recommended minimum and maximum bids and minimum budgets . All this depends on the dimensions of the target audience, in the following table it is made around an area of ​​4 million inhabitants.

What determines the price

It is important to know that the price of LinkedIn Ads will vary depending on different aspects:

  • ✓  Target audience: the cost of the auction depends on how attractive your target audience is, since you will be bidding against other advertisers who want to reach it.
  • ✓  Your bid: as we have mentioned before, we can establish the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a click, print or send InMail messages.
  • ✓ Objective: the available bid options will vary depending on the type of campaign we choose, while also determining how the campaign is charged.
  • ✓ Ad relevance index: as in all social networks, ads are rewarded for being relevant and attractive, so the price will also depend on the relevance index. How do we increase it? Simple, this will increase based on the percentage of clicks, comments, recommendations and the times it is shared. The more relevant our ad is, the less we will have to pay. We leave you here some of the aspects that LinkedIn values to evaluate the quality of the campaigns
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La The key? Optimize!

Many people erroneously conclude that advertising on LinkedIn is expensive or more expensive compared to other social networks, but if we enter to assess the real price for each potential client , we can see that the price of LinkedIn Ads is much lower . This is due to the great segmentation capacity of this social network.

We know that it may seem expensive at first, and compared to the price of other social networks, but we remind you that it really is not what we pay per click or impressions, but that the real success is in the conversions.

How do we achieve this? It is clear! Optimizing bids to the maximum, and focusing the budget on those ads that give the best results.

Advantages compared to other networks

  • ✔ The main advantage of this social network is undoubtedly the segmentation of the public. Since the users of the network include a large amount of information on the different professional fields (position, seniority, sector, experience, studies, titles, aptitudes, …).
    • → So it allows us to choose between many options so that our ads reach only the people who are really interested in them, a key factor regarding the price of LinkedIn Ads. That is, if your product is oriented to the job market or professionalization, in this social network you can reach exactly the people you have previously defined in your strategy.
  • ✔ Another key factor is the metrics that LinkedIn Ads offers: both for the precision and the breakdown of these, facilitating decision-making and optimizing the price of LinkedIn Ads. It allows us to measure all user interactions with our ads very precisely, something that other social networks do not have in such a specific way.
  • ✔ It gives us the possibility to interact in a totally different way, this refers to InMail ads. Since they offer us a unique possibility that we do not have on other social networks, and that is in a very personalized way. Thus, it is a type of advertising that users are not used to, but we must be careful with this type of advertising.
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