How do you promote a travel agency
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How Do You Promote a Travel Agency

The world of tourism, and in general of travel, is constantly evolving thanks to the use of web marketing. On the one hand, the way in which the purchase decision is born and changes in the tourist, which starts from the – often unaware – need to travel and therefore to discover the products of travel agencies, on the other hand, instead, opens and manages an agency. Travel can no longer just mean uploading your packages to the site and waiting to receive customers in your physical agency.

How to combat the crisis of the travel agency in a world where the potential customer becomes more and more independent traveler? 

To win over the “do-it-yourself traveler” it is important to maximize the quality of the relationship with customers first. The big lack that the autonomous traveler has is precisely this almost friendly and trusting relationship that is fundamental to establish in order for the traveler to say: “I let them do it, I trust them”. 

A first step for an excellent promotion of a travel agency is in fact to strengthen what is called ” brand reputation for travel agencies “, ie the consideration that customers have of the agency, which is nothing but the fruit of labor (both online and offline), of the history and type of communication made and which will be done to best meet the needs of the end customer.

Having an excellent management of the agency both from the point of view of the online presence, therefore social media and website, and offline with targeted actions to be performed in the physical location, is really the most significant advantage that can be obtained on the phenomenon of “travelers autonomous. ” 

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An idea not to be underestimated is the partnership with local businesses in the area. Providers of accommodation and activities, restaurateurs, owners of places of interest. Agreeing with these figures to obtain both an advantage will help to market the product better because you will offer the customer a complete 360 ​​° package, taking away from him the commitment to go to build activities for activities or to look for accommodation and restaurants, perhaps nearby.

All year round, but especially near the holidays and the summer, the web and social media are literally invaded by advertising campaigns of travel agencies that launch themselves into the world of advertising, in most cases without a strategy behind, consequently getting nothing more than a handful of likes without any economic return.

The online marriage offline

The advertising for travel agencies , online but also offline, has now become another important promotional tool but it can not be done at random! It must be included in an ad hoc tourism web marketing strategy which, starting from the identification of the objectives, and through the analysis and study of the data collected, the tools available and the constant monitoring of the results obtained, arrives straight to the objectives set. 

Depending on these objectives, to promote yourself online it is important to choose whether to invest in advertising on Facebook (to intercept latent demand) or whether it is better to focus on a Google Ads strategy for travel agencies (to intercept conscious demand) or if it is the case of using both. 

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Offering a unique experience even when choosing online travel is another key to success. It is essential to have a website optimized at SEO level that is, yes graphically appealing but above all that makes it as easy as possible to navigate the user so as to accompany him at every stage of the purchase process and not let him out before completing it. 

Enriching it also with original but above all useful content, perhaps even entrusted to travel bloggers, will help you during the loyalty phase through email marketing activities and sending newsletters that really have value. 

The wise use of Social

Another channel for promoting your travel agency is that of social networks. Each social network has peculiarities that must be exploited to the maximum. Facebook for example is a very powerful channel to be used not only to increase brand reputation but above all to intercept old and new customers. 

How? Through a correct Facebook ADS strategy for travel agencies . It is important to advertise tourism products by creating captivating textual and graphic contents in order to build an advertising path to be made ad hoc for the potential customer, based on the analysis of the target and the objectives set. 

The offer of useful travel content, the creation of events, videos through photos sent by customers on the go, the possibility of leaving reviews and letting the customer speak directly on the Facebook page, there are many activities that can be done to promote your travel company.

If you have a travel company and want to start reaching your actual potential customers and increase your agency’s turnover.

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