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Your Mobile SEO Guide: 9 Ways to Optimize for Mobile-Friendly SEO


Standing in today’s world, the kids, adults, and even the age people are busy with their mobile phones, desktops, laptops, etc., they barely spend time out of it. Individuals spend most of their time surfing through various websites or web pages. And you should grab this opportunity and enhance or improve your Mobile SEO to attract more users to your website.

But before direct digging deep into the topic about the ways to optimize, you need to know what Mobile SEO is and why you should try it. At first, it is important to have detailed knowledge about what Mobile SEO is. And how you should use it.

What does mobile SEO mean?

You must have often heard the term “Mobile SEO.” But do you acquire any idea about what it deals with? Mobile SEO is basically a process in which you can quickly optimize your website to ensure that your website’s outlook is splendid and functioning properly on every mobile device. By performing mobile SEO, you provide your users with an ultimate great site experience because it looks stunning on any kind of device, irrespective of its screen size.

The use of mobile devices in every household has skyrocketed in the recent few years. In today’s world, there are numerous E-commerce websites that almost 76% of people use to do their regular shopping. However, this number is increasing over the period since smartphones have become easily accessible and the most convenient option.

What is the importance of Mobile SEO?

Using Mobile SEO comes with a lot of benefits and importance. In this article, we have listed some 3 major importance of using Mobile SEO for your website. They are:

  • Experience – Since people tend to spend almost 70% of their time on the Internet, mobile SEO ensures that your user has a positive experience while using your website.
  • Mobile friendly – If your website is mobile-friendly, then there are high chances that your users are likely to visit your website again and be your regular visitor.
  • Highly preferred – Your mobile-friendliness creates a huge impact on the mind of the users. If it works appropriately on every smartphone, your user tends to buy products all the time from your company only.
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9 Ways to Optimize for Mobile-Friendly SEO

If you are highly willing to avert your users’ negative reviews or bad experiences, it’s high time, and now you need to take serious steps to optimize your site. Here stated below are 9 ways to optimize for Mobile-friendly SEO:

1.  Prioritize Mobile-friendliness

A lot is being talked about picking mobile configuration correctly. However, this way is not very much different from Mobile SEO. Instead of focusing on how to make your site more mobile-friendly, you should focus on fixing the problems that are preventing it from doing so.

2.  Fast mover advantage – Know about Google Accelerated mobile pages

Back in 2016, Google introduced accelerated mobile pages, a project to enable let websites to become more mobile-friendly. Google Amp currently powers more than 2 billion webpages and over 900,000 domains. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the perfect moment.

3.  Try to improve the loading time of your site

The loading time of your site plays an integral role in the positive user experience. If the user is searching for urgent information, it means that they Want to find it quickly without much delay. The website doesn’t respond quickly or loot information faster, changing the page.

4.  Improve Your Website for Local searches

An integral part of mobile SEO is Local SEO. Most people usually search for necessary items like doctors’ addresses, grocery stores, restaurants while using the phrase “near me” behind the main search to find the nearest local businesses. You much grab this opportunity and Use such phrases to reach out to people more. This is a Great strategy where you can use local keywords to increase your website’s user visitation.

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5.  Maintain a navigation bar that is clean and easy-to-use

Navigation plays a crucial role in enabling users to find and access information. If the navigation you have is too tough for them to use, the users might get angry, frustrated, and immediately leave your site. To provide a great user experience on your site, you must build mobile-friendly navigation.

6.  Make sure you design mobile content

One of the greatest mobile tips is to design mobile content. If you create mobile content, make sure that you format that to give a positive experience by making it easy for users to scroll through on their mobile devices. You can also add videos, pictures, and other interesting content like clickable buttons or switches to make it more appealing to the users, so they visit your site often.

7.  Carefully use popups, if using

Popups are considered a very effective way to catch the audience’s attention to take part in the actions you want them to. However, in some cases, the popups took up the entire screen, which made the users highly frustrated. Popups might drive people away from your site. If you want to use popups, it is suggested that you don’t use them on the whole screen rather design it in such a way that it is easy to get rid of by using the cross option on the top.

8.  Make a difference mobile URL

Most of the companies these days create separate mobile world stop. When you do that, you provide a parallel site for mobile users. This enables you to manage tailored experiences for visitors to your website who use mobile devices.

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9.  Enhance meta descriptions and title tags

An integral part of mobile SEO is the meta descriptions and the title tags you use. These factors play a prime role in determining whether the user would click your webpage link or not. Since users tend to search for information that comes fast, your attractive and catchy meta description and the title tags will highly contribute to their decision of choosing if they should go ahead with your website not.


We hope that by now you have gained a clear idea about how easily you can enhance your website just by using some simple tips. Hopefully, it was helpful, and you will take inspiration from this and work on Mobile SEO.

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