Link Building Services What You Really Need To Know
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Link Building Services: What You Really Need To Know?

It is quite a stressful task to run a business. Never-ending tasks and no time, and if link building is added, it worsens. 

Here, we can give you an overview of the necessary things you need to keep in mind when you build a bridge between your business and link-building services, and also what you need to avoid falling into common traps while purchasing links. But let us clarify our basics and know what link-building services are.

Overview of Link-Building Services 


 It is a service provided by SEO agencies that are responsible for finding websites that click your target audiences and create links that bring them back to your website. Promoting your website content manually to reach such websites is usually preferred.  

You can hire this service if you have low traffic on your website. However, there are things that you need to keep in mind before doing so. Don’t stop reading if you need to know the dos and don’ts for the best service.

What You Need To Know?

The link-building service appears to be quite suspicious; sometimes, many people are seen to be engaged in it, peddling from penalised sites. Below are some mentioned points to consider about the service.

  • A Genuine Outreach-Based Link Will Cost You More

A genuinely high-quality outreach-based link has several costs involved. The site owner will know the link’s value and charge a high fee for publishing the link. You will need to pay a writer for the content they write for you. An admin will reach out with your link to relevant websites and place your link. They will also make sure that it meets the requirements as well. All of this can cost you anywhere between $200-$300. 

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It is not advised to contact the websites that claim they provide you with outreach-based guest points for just $50. These mostly give you posts from their private blog network. This can be worse too. They can place your links on hacked websites. Also, it can potentially do you more harm than good.

  • Sites With “Write For Us” Pages Should Be Avoided

Several link-building sites use google search to find websites with “write for us” pages and send emails to them to place your links in the content they write while charging a fee from them as well. 

This decreases their hard work and, at the same time, is highly profitable for them. Now you might be wondering what the problem is because your link is getting placed anyway.

The problem with sites that have write-for-us pages is that they are inconsistently spammed with articles about irrelevant topics. They can have one article about training dogs and another about music systems. It is highly likely that Google doesn’t value the links from such websites, making them worthless.

Another problem with such sites is that they are built solely to attract link-sellers because they know that certain link-building sites will be searching for “write for us” pages. These reasons and many others are enough for such services to be avoided. A reputable link-building service always blacklists all sites with “write-for-us” pages.

  • Links From Sites With No Search Traffic Should Be Avoided

If a site is getting organic search traffic from Google, you can assume that Google trusts that website, thereby giving you the same trust that placing your link in that website will also drive organic traffic to your site. 

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There is a simple way for you to determine whether to trust the site or not. Ideally, when you observe the traffic coming o that website, you should ensure that the site has at least 500 organic visitors in a month.

If the site has less than that or zero search traffic overall, it will not be able to help boost the traffic on your site by logic. It is advisable to do some research and find link-building websites that place your link in sites with good organic traffic. Good link-building services will go through and find sites that are best suited for your link and place the link in relevant content of relevant sites.    


Link building can take quite some time and can be tiresome. It might also be the case sometimes that you have invested a lot of time and money, but what you got in return doesn’t do justice to your hard work. Researching before you come up with a decision is always recommended. Numerous people are there who sell these. It is very easy to fall into such traps and get affected by them. However, the points mentioned above can aid you in being cautious about them and save you money and time.

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