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A Guide To Favicons: Importance For SEO Strategies


For those familiar with search engine optimization, that is, SEO, Favicons are something they should know about as it is an essential part of the ranking process of articles by gaining more clicks from viewers or visitors of the website. So now, the question is, what are Favicons?

Well, anybody who has ever surfed the web has seen Favicons even if they did not know about it. Favicons are small files represented by icons that contain smaller icons. They are also known by various names such as website, bookmark, URL, tab, or shortcut icons. And, mainly associated with websites and web pages and can be found on almost all websites.

They are highly important for search engine optimization strategies as they help gain more clicks. Therefore, this article will closely look at Favicons and the various important details about them and how they are crucial to search engine optimization strategies.

The word “Favicon” is an amalgamation of the words “Fave” and the word “icon”.

How are Favicons created, and how do they work?

Website developers create favicons for the benefit of blogs and articles and thus certain websites, which can be accessed by clicking on these Favicons. They are uploaded to the websites in various ways by the developers, and then they are used accordingly by the graphical web browsers. The Favicon on a webpage can be found in the address bar.

Many users agents in recent times often show the Favicons as a graphical reminder of the website identity in the address bar or tabs. Thus, they are concrete representations of certain websites or web pages.

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In the simplest of terms, a Favicon is a logo of your website, which, when clicked, will lead directly to the website. The Favicon is the best representation of the website.

Specifications of Favicons

Let us look at some of the common Favicon specifications, and these are quite important when designing Favicons or uploading or using them.

  • A taskbar shortcut Favicon which has a size of 32×32.
  • A Desktop Favicon on the desktop has a size of 96×96.
  • A favicon on the browser has a size of 16×16.

The importance of Favicons when it comes to search engine optimization

Let us take a very detailed and close look at the various ways in which Favicons can help a website or webpage, or brand become more popular with a simple click.

· Recognition of brand name

This is the first and foremost way to have a Favicon helps a brand or website. Science states that human beings remember pictures, that is, graphics, better than texts. Thus, people will remember your website or page or brand more by the icon than by its name.

The Favicon is like a little identity card for your website. When people are browsing through websites, it is impossible to remember URLs or names of websites, and this is exactly where the Favicons come in, with a design that attracts the eyes and is worth remembering.

· Gaining the trust of netizens and viewers and also potential clients

A Favicon is something that will give your brand or website a little edge over other competitors. Thus, having an attractive Favicon is the best way to build credibility and trust among people. If you do not have a Favicon, the web browser will display a blank page. This is not very favourable when trying to lead more people to your website and gain views and clicks. Therefore, favicons have a considerable impact when a certain brand is trying to earn the trust of its clients.

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· Significant increase in the usability of the website under consideration

The higher the website’s usability, the higher is the search engine ranking of the site, which is the point that should be noted. Thus, Favicons help greatly to increase the usability of the site. Having a Favicon helps your user save time while browsing through websites by instantly recognizing the one they were searching for.

This has quite a crucial role in search engine optimization strategies, which is quite noteworthy. This is the best way to get more clicks on your website without really doing much.

· Having bookmarks

Favicons also help with bookmarks of websites, which basically help users to return to a certain webpage or website. When it comes to keeping a bookmark on a certain website, Favicons help greatly and thus, give the website a huge advantage over those competitor websites that have a Favicon.

Among the popular ones, Google famously used the Chrome Favicon, which has driven Google to become the leading name in information technology. In the case of the absence of a Favicon, a high chance that you might miss out on being bookmarked by users.

· Saving the users time

Well, this remain mentioned before as an added point, but to explain clearly, the presence of Favicons highly influenced how people view your website or business, and brand. Therefore, a suitable Favicon will guide people to your website faster. This will help to make it much more popular with more clicks.


Thus, Favicons are greatly influential in search engine optimization strategies. They greatly help increase the popularity of a brand or website, or web page.

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Favicons are highly important if you want your brand, website, or web page to flourish. This also helps to have a significant base among interested users.

The creation of Favicons becomes quite easy with the right web developers and competent graphic designers. These individuals are well aware of what the public might like and what truly represents the site. And voila! You have the perfect logo as the identity for your website, which will help it become successful.

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