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5 recommendations to work SEO and Growth Marketing

Within Digital Marketing there are different strategies and approaches that in many cases are applied simultaneously and synergistically.

Search engine optimization or SEO is part of these strategies that seek to make companies grow, in this case, specifically from the optimization of websites and landing pages. On the other hand, although also as part of these strategies and tools to make a company’s sales grow, is Growth Marketing.

In order to understand more fully what Growth Marketing is and, in turn, know the relationship between SEO and it, we interviewed an expert in the field. We asked Thalla Lokesh – Growth & Digital Marketing Manager at Honey Web Solutions all you need to know about Growth Marketing and SEO. He knows what he told us:

If you had to define “Growth Marketing” in one sentence, how would you define it?


Think, test, measure, learn, apply, repeat to grow in traffic and increase sales.

What is the relationship between SEO and Growth Marketing?

SEO is a very important acquisition channel to ensure qualified traffic, which comes through organic searches. It has to be part of the Growth Marketing strategy from the beginning.

SEO aims to be where the potential client is looking for. And furthermore, the work of positioning yourself in search results helps increase user retention and Customer Lifetime Value. Because you have to be in the search results of the current client too, who has to keep choosing us.

What kind of SEO-related actions are taken from Growth Marketing?

In SEO from Growth Marketing you work with the content of a site: text, notes, blogposts. And then, everything that is amplification and promotion of these contents with link building tasks, PR and alliances with other sites to be where the buyer person is. And it is not only reduced to text, you can also work on YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.

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What SEO actions for Growth Marketing are applied in Honey Web Solutions?

We basically focus on content creation, we spend a lot of time on keyword research and content planning. Then we do promotional tasks, organic link building, to make the content reach more people and have more authority. And once they are in our system we carry out lead nurturing tasks with automated emails and personalized communication flows.

What 5 recommendations would you leave us to work on SEO and Growth Marketing?

Learn, read a lot, follow references in SEO and Digital Marketing.
Start a blog, a YouTube channel: make content for fun and test, to understand how communication channels work.

Networking:  meet people who work on the same thing, particularly in SEO, there is a beautiful community where there are very cool people who share knowledge without asking for anything in return.
Think about numbers, data: start studying Excel, Python, Analytics, Data Studio, you don’t have to be a big data crack, but it will help you.

Learn some code: understand how a web page works, interpret a basic html. That will help you a lot, even to discover what can be done with a blog or a page.

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