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Avoid these 7 SEO Mistakes to Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

Search engine optimization is definitely an incredible marketing tool that can helps you to get lots of visitors. As the results are guaranteed it is one of the most effective ways to bring your business into search and improve its visibility. But the changing techniques of seo are definitely a big challenge before the businesses. Reaching the first rank on the search engines may be simple but maintaining it is a little tricky. And in case you make any mistake you definitely lose your position and the website goes down in the search results. 

Though it is hard to predict how search engines will behave for your website but still you can make sure to avoid a few errors that can have a harmful impact on the website rank and its reputation. If you are able to avoid them you will surely get the best and most satisfactory results you have been looking for. 

So here are the mistakes which you should avoid to ensure better ranking on the search engines.


  • Wrong choice of the keywords



As we all know that ranking algorithm of Google revolves around the right selection of the keywords and if you miss that then there is a lot to worry about. So it is a good idea to do proper research on the keywords and stay away from general terms. Rather than focus on long tail keywords which are relevant to your business and easy to target. There are a number of tools that you can use for the right selection of keywords like Google Adwords, Semrush etc.

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  • Broken Links

Broken links can definitely have a huge effect on the position of your website. It not only distracts the user but prevents Google from crawling the page. So it would be great if you fix the broken links as soon as possible so that its indexing begins. You can take the help of Google Webmaster Tools in this concern as it will check for all the broken links and 404 error and suggest you to fix them.

  • Duplicate Content

Quality content is always loved by Google and results in higher ranking too. If your content is informational, interesting and good, Google will surely consider it and rank high on the search engines. Even Google wants its users to access top quality content that provides them complete information. This is the reason that you need to be a little particular about the content and make sure it is well written and most importantly fresh.

Avoid duplicate or copied content as it can harm your website and then bring down the rank as well.

  • Keyword Stuffing 

This is yet another big concern while framing your content. The keyword density should be in accordance with the latest Google algorithm or else the same will be considered spammy. Also it brings down the performance of your site and you will surely not want this to happen. So ensure that keywords flow naturally within the content and used only when required. 

LSI or also known as Latent Search Indexing is one of the way that Google is adopting to check your content and the usage of the keywords. 

  • Low quality backlinks

No matter trends change but link building still holds importance in seo and low quality backlinks can surely hamper its position on the search engines. If you want your website to be indexed properly, it should link back from reputed and relevant websites only. Quality is certainly a big ranking factor and you need to work on your link building strategies to achieve the same. 

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Do not try paid backlinks as it can have adverse effect on your website and spoil the SEO score too. 

  • No mobile friendly website

In the recent years, the number of people using the internet through their mobile devices has increased and that is why Google rewards such website which offer a mobile friendly experience to its users. If your site is optimised for various devices, it is sure to have a higher ranking than the one which is not. Around 55% of the users rely on their mobiles to access the internet, so it becomes crucial to keep up with the changing trends. 

If your website is mobile friendly and has a superb loading time it will surely take your business to a new level by increasing the traffic and sales both. 

  • Pop-ups

If there are many pop-ups in your website it will distract the users and force them to move to other sites. Even Google is very strict and punishes the sites which have pop-ups that spoil the interest of the users. Rather than adding pop-ups it is better to have ads on your website but only limited. Having more ads can also shift your seo goal thereby leading to adverse effects on your website.

The way of doing seo is changing rapidly so it is better to try practices which are in complaint with Google’s algorithms as only these will lead you to better outcomes. Make sure you are updated with the latest trends and know how to integrate the same for a successful seo campaign. So avoid all the above seo mistakes to strengthen your marketing efforts and get the most out of it.

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