Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Listing
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Ultimate guide to the Google My Business listing

The Google listing is one of the key tools for any business that wants to have an online presence . Whether you have a physical location or offer services at home.

What is the Google My Business listing?


The Google listing, also known as the Google My Business company profile , is the cover letter of your business in the digital environment . It is a free tool that Google offers to all types of businesses (companies, freelancers, shops, bars and restaurants, etc.).

Having a Google listing gives you the possibility of positioning your company in a geolocated way. This means that your establishment will be able to appear in Google local searches and on Google Maps . When users search for a location near them or in a specific place, you can be one of the options they see in the search results. For example, when searching for “web design in Tirupati”, the Google My Business profiles of restaurants near that location will appear at the top of the results page.

It gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience at the right time . When the user is looking for a service or product, without having yet determined where to buy it.

How to create a Google My Business listing

Creating a Google listing is very simple and, above all, it is completely free . All you need is a Google account and it only takes 5 minutes!

Remember that the person in charge of creating the listing must be the owner of the business, since they will be the person who obtains the ownership rights of it.

First step

To create a Google listing you must access the Google My Business page and click on “Manage now”. After which you will have to fill in the essential information about your business:

  • Company name
  • business category
  • Address of the physical establishment and , in the case of home-based companies, the area in which you offer your services
  • Contact information
  • Website (although it is optional, it is highly recommended to include it)
  • Opening times

Second step

To complete the creation of your company profile it is essential to verify your account . The verification process will be through a code that will be sent to you by email, postal mail, SMS, video or by phone.

Third step

Google may take a few days to verify your business . But once done, you will receive a notification. And, from that moment on, your company profile will be visible to everyone. In addition, you can modify the information whenever you want.

Depending on the method you choose to verify your Google My Business listing, timeframes may vary. Being the shipment by postal mail the longest, up to 14 days.

How to claim a Google listing

If there is already a company profile of your business, but you are not the owner. Don’t worry, we explain how you can claim your rights.

At first, Google took information from online business directories to automatically generate business listings. It may be that this is your case or, on the contrary, a third person may have been the creator of your file. In either case, to regain ownership of your profile, the procedure is the same.

First step

You must access the Google My Business website and enter the exact name of your company. After which you will have to click on the company you want to claim and request access to it.

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Second step

In the event that no one is managing your Google listing, you will be able to access the usual verification process. On the other hand, if someone is already managing it, you must request the rights by filling out a form. After which an email will be sent informing the current administrator and asking them to verify ownership of the business. If he doesn’t, ownership of the token will be awarded to you.

What to do if your company profile does not appear

You’ve already created your Google My Business company profile, but it’s not showing up in search results. This can happen for various reasons:

Check if your listing has been verified by Google

The first thing you should do is check if your profile has been verified by Google. Many times, this process takes a few days and your case may still be under review. So it is recommended that you check the status of your profile.

There will also be situations where your listing is pending verification. If you haven’t received a verification code, feel free to submit a new request.

Google has suspended your company profile

It may be the case that your file has been suspended for not respecting Google’s policies . Therefore, do not hesitate to consult the guidelines established by the platform and modify your profile as appropriate. Also, if your suspended listing meets Google My Business standards, you can get it back by asking the platform to reinstate it.

Another reason why your account may have been suspended is that you have a duplicate Google listing , that is, there are two profiles of the same company. In this case it is recommended:

  • Merge the two Google My Business listings

In order to merge two company profiles, they cannot both be verified, so you must unverify one of them. Also, both must have the same address. Once you meet these requirements, you must contact Google My Business and request the union of the two files.

  • Delete or delete a Google My Business listing

Whether you have a duplicate Google listing or your business has gone out of business, the process for deleting your business profile will be the same.

You will only have to access your Google My Business account and go to the information tab. And in the “Close or delete file” part, you must choose the option that best suits your case, “Delete file” or “Permanently closed”.

Visibility problems of your Google listing

It is also possible that your business does not appear in Google results because it is not yet very visible online. Therefore, it is important to check the visibility performance of your company . Having a Google My Business profile will allow you to monitor your online presence and its evolution.

Although if you want a personalized analysis of the visibility of your business on the Internet, you can book a free session with one of our local SEO experts. They will analyze your Google listing and give you the best advice to achieve your goals.

How to add multiple locations to the Google My Business listing

If your business has multiple physical locations, don’t worry, Google My Business gives you the option to manage multiple establishments from a single account.

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Also, adding more addresses is quite easy. You just have to access the control panel, go to establishments and choose to add a company. After which you will have two options: add a company or import companies. The second option will allow you to add more than one physical location at the same time, and you will have to do it through an Excel template that the same platform will provide you.

In turn, managing several establishments at the same time can be quite demanding and difficult for a single person to manage. Therefore, you can also add users to help you manage your file. To give the right to modify your profile to a third person, you can add them as “ administrator ”. This means that this person will have access to your establishment file, but you will retain ownership of it.

How to manage your company profile

Once your listing is created and visible to users, it’s time to focus on making it attractive to potential customers and improving its positioning. In particular, Google will favorably value businesses that offer complete and quality information . So it is convenient that in the information section you include:

Description of your company

It should be a short but concise introduction to your business and the products or services you offer. Take advantage of this space to include keywords that are representative of your activity. Words that help users find your business.

business category

When creating your Google listing you will have the possibility to choose a main category , in addition to adding other secondary ones. It is recommended that you choose 2 or 3 more categories. But, do not add too many either, since it is not well seen by the platform.


They will help you specify any additional services you offer. In addition, you will be able to choose from a large selection of attributes, depending on your type of business.

Contact information and updated address

Internet users must be able to contact you and know where they can visit you. Therefore, keeping this type of information up to date is essential.

Business hours

That a user decides to visit your establishment is a big step. But, to prevent him from going when it’s not open, you should let him know your opening and closing times . Especially on holidays, when hours may vary.

Photos and videos

Your Google listing is likely to be the customer’s first interaction with your business, so you need to convince them at first glance. Photos can help you make your profile not only more attractive but also more authentic. In addition to increasing customer confidence, showing that your business exists and is real.

Google Posts

Sharing Google Posts to advertise events, products, promotions or other services can add value to your business profile. On the one hand, you can encourage hesitant users to take the next step. On the other hand, Google’s algorithm will appreciate that you are active on its platform.

Remember that you can always go back to your company profile and modify the information you want.

Interact with your customers from your company profile

One of the great benefits of having a Google listing is that you can interact directly with your customers and potential customers. What’s more, the platform will allow you to do it through various formats:

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Questions and answers. Users will be able to ask questions about your business and services, which you can answer publicly. In a way, it resembles a forum, since Internet users will also have the opportunity to answer them. Although, it is recommended that the answers come from you because they will give the information greater veracity.

Google messages. It is ideal for users who want to know more about your company. In addition, you will be able to answer them at the moment, which will show your availability, and may influence the final decision of the Internet user. So do not hesitate to activate this functionality.

Reviews. They are opinions left by customers, along with a rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Reviews are quite useful, since they will allow you to know the opinion of customers who have already visited your establishment and improve their shopping experience. In addition, it will provide confidence for future customers.

93.4% of users read reviews on a business’s Google listings before purchasing any item .

This last function is truly relevant because the Google algorithm will use it to assess your online reputation, directly influencing the position of your file. Therefore, responding to the reviews that are left for you and getting more comments should be a priority.

At Thalla Lokesh, we believe that a good review can make a difference, so we offer you a service that will help you get more quality reviews and respond to them quickly and easily.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing

Although having a Google listing ensures you appear in search engine results and on Google Maps, this does not guarantee that your business will be chosen by Internet users. In fact, 92% of users only choose businesses that are on the first page of local search results . That is why local SEO or local positioning is of great relevance, since it will influence the position you occupy in local searches.

A simple way to optimize your positioning on the Internet is through your Google My Business file, since you will have access to statistics that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your digital strategy. You will be able to know how many clients found your business and how they did it, know what keywords they used. It will allow you to identify where they found you, whether it was through Google or on Google Maps. You will also be able to know what actions they carried out, if they visited your website, called your company or requested directions on how to get to your business.

In short, if you want to position your business on the Internet, it is essential to have a Google My Business listing. However, due to the large influx of companies present on the platform, positioning yourself in the first places can be difficult to achieve.

At Thalla Lokesh, we have a team of local SEO experts who can help you achieve your goals, guiding you step by step. Do not hesitate any longer and enjoy a completely free analysis of your internet visibility !

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