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10 tips to write an article for SEO that positions

SEO copywriting is essential to get your article to get a better position in the search engines, increase traffic to your website and make your business prosper. Creating quality content that positions with greater guarantee is not complicated. Therefore, in this Thalla Lokesh post we want to teach you ten tricks on how to write for SEO .

How to write for SEO: What is SEO writing for?


Easy, SEO copywriting allows you to write quality content using a series of specific techniques , according to the necessary metrics and requirements, with which search engines position the information available on the internet.

In this way, you can increase the chances that your article or content will rank preferentially in the results produced by search engines or Search Engine Results Page ( SERPs ).

Also, SEO copywriting allows you to go directly to your client or to that person who is looking for something specific, that you can offer, or are in doubt about purchasing your product or service.

Writing for SEO also allows you to create a link of empathy and trust with the reader, this way it will be easier to get them to continue reading your content or redirect it to a specific product that you want to sell to them.

In short, this technique allows you to increase traffic to your website, between your different content and products, so that you make it easier for the customer to buy, and therefore, you have more possibilities of sale or success. And who does not want to achieve the success of their business?

If you also want to achieve it, then we offer you XX tips on how to write SEO content that will help you prosper your website or business.

How to write for SEO: XX tips to write SEO content that positions

Getting to write quality content to rank is easier than we can think. In fact, the key is to put yourself in the user’s shoes , that is, to pose as a reader of your own content. What would you like to find yourself if you were the client or reader? There you have the answer.

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Next, we offer you 10 tips to write SEO content that positions:

✅ A quality SEO content is the one that best answers the user’s question.

As we have already mentioned, put yourself in the shoes of your reader and write what you would like to read and that best answers your question or meets your needs. Only in this way, will you get Google to consider it more appropriate to respond to the request that has been made.

✅ Keywords are essential, so use them in your SEO content.

The keyword or keyword is the one that users use when they search Google and other search engines to get information about something in particular. Therefore, it is the one that we must use in order to attract more traffic to our site.

✅ Create an eye-catching title for your SEO content

To know how to write an article for SEO, we must pay special attention to the title of our content, taking into account that this is essential to capture the attention of the user and click on our content . For this reason, it is necessary to make a striking title that includes the keyword for which we are positioning said content.

Ideally, it should contain between 50 and 70 characters so that it appears entirely in search results. Of course, a longer title may be more convenient on social networks, since it will get more traffic, links and social signals, something that will contribute to a better positioning.

✅ Don’t forget to take care of the description to improve SEO

Another essential factor to create quality content for SEO is taking care of the meta-description, that is, the text that is displayed under the title in Google results .

What interests us is that this is attractive to the reader and click on our option , since this contributes to better positioning. We cannot forget to include in this text the keyword for which we want to position our content.

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✅ Structure your content well

To configure quality content for SEO, it is essential that you structure your text using at least one title (H1), subtitles (H2), and intros (H3). In this way, you will guide the reader through your text and they will know what they can find in each section.

It is a technique to hook the user and make the text easier to read. Which in turn, will allow this to spend more reading our content , something that Google takes into account to configure the position of our content in search results.

Original, relevant and not too extensive content.

As for how to write for SEO, you need to be original and authentic when writing to get the attention of the reader. In addition, it offers the user the information they are looking for and, thus, sets you apart from the competition. That is, it creates content that provides the user with what no one else is giving them.

Also, you have to be careful not to overstretch . Use short sentences and clear and concise ideas to make the user easier to read. It is also very useful to use a language close to the profile of your target audience , including images, videos and infographics. In this way, the reading time will be prolonged, something essential for better positioning.

✅ Address your reader at all times

Another essential aspect of how to write proper SEO content is that you go directly to your reader. Include the user in the content as if you were talking directly to him, that is, ask him, make recommendations and suggestions. For this , it incorporates attention calls throughout the text. For example, “Don’t miss our new article!”, “Are you interested in knowing how to write for SEO?”, “Don’t forget to enter the keyword”.

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It is also very important to take care of the content closure . To do this, we must use a call to action, offer you a link for more information, buy our product or contact us so that you can answer your questions or contract a service.

✅ The importance of links: internal and external.

Don’t forget to include links, both internal and external. Internal links are very important, they help the user find what they are looking for and allow them to spend more time on the site. More links to our website means more visits, more links, more authority, and ultimately, more traffic .

Although what interests us most is directing the user to other sites on our site, it is also important to establish links with external sites . This will give us an advantage when Google values ​​our content and positions it in search results.

✅ Avoid keyword Stuffing

The Keyword Stuffing is nothing but overexpose and abusing the keyword . There is no correct keyword density, the trick is to enter these terms when necessary.

In fact, repeating the keyword too many times, in our efforts to get our content to rank, can cause Google to penalize it . And, instead of helping us position ourselves better, let’s do just the opposite.

✅ Take care of the url of your content

Last but not least, to know how to write for SEO is to take care of the url, that is, include the keyword or the theme of your text and eliminate those words that have no value (conjunctions, propositions and other stop words).

After explaining how to write an article for SEO, you will have been able to verify that it is not a very complex task, but it involves the care and treatment of numerous aspects for which certain skills and knowledge are required . If you want to improve SEO for your content to rank, we recommend you have the help of professionals

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