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The Best CMS for SEO in 2020

Everyone who has a web page , be it business or private, should have CMS, the content manager that allows them to control what is published on the page , among their list of tools and words to know . But what is the best CMS for SEO currently?

In this post I want to tell you about the best content managers for your website , as well as make a brief review of the importance of a CMS when it comes to controlling everything that is published on your website.

Do you want to discover which is the best CMS for SEO that you can use right now? Keep reading and find out!

CMS for SEO, why is it so important?


The CMS (Content Management System) is the tool through which all the content of our website passes . Through the CMS, we capture everything the user will see when they visit us. Therefore, it is vitally important to obtain the best results.

In what aspects does having the best CMS for SEO influence? In the appearance of the texts, the possibility of easily including images and videos , being able to include optimized URLs, creating subdomains to originate a cluster on the same topic within our website, guaranteeing the AMP of the site so that it also works from mobile platforms, to be able to edit the meta title and the meta description that will be seen in Google when our entry appears … in short, the basic pillars of our website.


For all this, we can not leave the choice of the CMS for our website in the background , since everything we have discussed above will influence not only its visibility, but also its SEO positioning. And if there is no good SEO , we will hardly have visibility so that more users know us . And if they do not know us, it will be like not being on the Internet, that we will not exist.

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Luckily, we have a good handful of CMS that will make our website reflect everything we want . And today I wanted to bring you those that stand out the most when choosing the best CMS for SEO. Pay attention to what each of them can offer you and you will have your decision practically defined after finishing reading this article.

Do not detach yourself from the text, because in the next point comes the strong.

Best CMS for SEO that you should consider

Now yes, once we consider the importance of having the best CMS for SEO, we can go on to talk about the best content managers that we can use today. In this selection , the characteristics mentioned in the previous point have been taken into account, to find the tool that provides us with everything without the need to complicate our lives :

WordPress CMS, still king

WordPress is still, from my point of view, the best SEO CMS you can find today . And is that its ease to capture on your website everything you want to add, is the main quality that will make you decide on it.


But it is not only an easy-to-use CMS, it is practical and fast , allowing changes to be made instantly and displaying the elements clearly and effectively at all times to know what we change and what we don’t. It allows us to optimize our AMP pages and full URL editing.

In addition, it has the possibility of installing numerous plugins within the CMS itself , which will make life even easier for us, allowing us to add extra functionality to our website at the click of a button.

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Among these plugins, we find some very focused on Google that help us improve our organic positioning , such as Yoast SEO to edit our meta titles and meta descriptions; Redirection , to carry out the pertinent redirects or even tools to free the cache and make everything load faster.

PrestaShop CMS, recommended for your eCommerce

If you have an online store and are looking for the best SEO CMS that you can use for it, I recommend PrestaShop . And it is that the possibilities of this CMS when it comes to customizing product templates and displaying them in various ways, is almost endless.


Thanks to PrestaShop you can make the user navigate among everything you offer in a comfortable, fast and attractive way . In addition, it adapts well to different formats, either computer or mobile device, thus favoring both the user and Google to value it and push it to the top positions.

Joomla CMS, efficient content management

The third in disagreement is Joomla . It is a CMS that follows the WordPress guideline, with a large number of extensions and plugins to install , although it does not have as many free ones as WordPress.


Drupal CMS, complexity full of vast possibilities

Many say that Drupal is a complex CMS and you may not be without reason. However, this does not have to be a real drawback. And, if we learn to master Drupal, we will find a wide range of possibilities that may make us prefer it as the best CMS for SEO.

It is a CMS that seeks at all times to promote the organic positioning of your page, with a very clean code and a multitude of options to make your website optimized at all times. If you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and learn day by day from their system, you can find a CMS that allows you to master every detail of your website.

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And here we close this article on the best CMS for SEO. To make a brief summary, WordPress remains the king if what we are looking for is a complete content manager, easy to use and with the greatest number of possibilities for organic positioning . It is interesting to consider PrestaShop for an online store, and take a look at the other CMS if they can offer something that best suits our needs.

What do you think? At NeoAttack we work every day with different CMS and we always recommend WordPress as the main option. If you have questions about how to manage your website or want to have a team that produces the best content , contact us .

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