3 Digital Marketing statistics in the construction sector
Digital Marketing

3 Digital Marketing statistics in the construction sector

The use of new technologies has transformed the way we buy, to the point where it is very common to use the internet as the main means of searching for relevant information about a service or product that we want to purchase. This new purchasing methodology has allowed digital marketing in the construction sector to become a reality, which is why it is important for companies to reinvent themselves and learn what these means should be to be more visible to their customers through the internet. .

To achieve this you must first know the needs of the sector to which we belong. These needs usually vary depending on each industry and, therefore, the strategies they must implement vary. Next, we will tell you what are the 3 most effective digital marketing tactics in the construction sector.

Digital guideline

 For some construction companies it can be challenging, it can even generate quite a lot of fear, venturing into the digital world, however, the real mistake would be in not using any marketing strategy to increase their sales or position their brand. Therefore, we will talk about one of the most effective digital marketing tactics in the construction sector and it is the digital guideline. This must work closely with the commercial area, since from its results it is possible to consolidate a wide database of users interested in the real estate projects of the construction companies.

Strategies such as the capture of leads in social networks, video marketing and landing page traffic are consolidated as one of the most effective for the creation of these databases.

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Updated relevant content

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the digital age has led users to consult the internet before purchasing a product or service, so it is important that the online communication channels of your construction company are updated with real content from the projects, either on your website or on your social networks, for example, use images and renders of your projects, specifications of each of them, payment plans, testimonial videos, among others.


Lastly, implementing SEO tactics is key to making us more visible during the process of searching for customer information. These tactics will help to position the website of your construction company among the first results in the search engines, in this way your brand will be the first thing they will see when looking for real estate projects in their city. Using backlinks, correctly choosing keywords and adding internal links are some of the main tactics that you should put into practice.

As an additional tip, we want to tell you that during the talk “Google and marketing applied to the construction sector”, which took place in 2017 at the largest construction fair in Spain, BB Construmat, the web giant presented a very significant fact and that is that searches from mobile devices increased to 48%. So don’t forget to make your website responsive.

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