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Ways to build and grow a profitable Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website

Ways to build and grow a profitable Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website


Pay attention to reviewing websites while searching for more ways to earn on the internet, a kind of blogging that could be very lucrative. Monetizing and doing well on your website through Amazon affiliate marketing can become a great source of passive income.

For many young entrepreneurs out there, it’s a dream life. Build a website, insert links to Amazon affiliates, and the money will roll-in (eventually), right?

Well, if that just makes it as simple as that. Although many “Amazon affiliate marketing gurus” make it seem very easy, the real job behind creating a profitable and self-sustaining website for affiliates is far from simple.

How to create the best reviews in Amazon?

While some struggle to make their affiliate website successful, some do it in their spare time and manage to get by, but only a few have managed to do it full-time and enjoy up to five income figures per month.

01 Send follow-up emails which asks for feedback after every Amazon order:

Following a purchase, Amazon asks for customer reviews, but it is a generic email with nothing special. Instead, send requests for personalized reviews; preferably, you want to send them immediately after getting your product so that their awesomeness is still fresh in their minds. You can also use a platform like Feedback Five to send emails for customized feedback requests automatically.

02 Spread the Product or Brand Consciousness through your sales:

To spread the word on why people should buy from you and not your rivals in Amazon’s ecosystem, it’s totally fine to do whatever you can. This is when you can run promotions or offer your coupons / discounts, then the chances of your further sales will be improved.

And more the sales you earn, higher is your chances of receiving more reviews from Amazon. Just make sure to continue to sell stellar goods, optimize your listings and images, and react to all the comments and questions from your customers.

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03 Streamline the Process using Amazon Review System:

Hear us out for a second before you go thinking that this is all a blatant plug. Yeah, we’re going to take care of all the little information for you, such as sending nice emails to customers to get them to leave a rating, and yeah, we’re going to follow all the laws of Amazon so that you can maximize your chances of having the precious Buy Package.

But we’ll do more than that as well. Say, that within a really short period of time, you may get a lot of responses. Perhaps Amazon will look at that when you request feedback fraudulently and will flag your account. We will stagger when we send out messages for feedback to avoid it, so they will be spread more evenly and help prevent Amazon from flagging you.

04 Solicit the top reviewers from Amazon:

Amazon has a list of its top reviewers, a group of respected reviewers who are recognised for their knowledgeable and critical criticisms. Many of these top Amazon reviewers also carry titles such as “Top Ten Reviewer,” or “Hall of Fame Reviewer,” which are shown alongside their reviews, rendering their reviews highly valuable.

05 Read the official rules of Amazon Before They’re Memorised:

The best thing you can do for yourself, right off the bat, get acquainted with Amazon’s review rules. Only log into your Seller Central account to find the instructions and take a look at them there. If you haven’t signed up for Amazon sales yet, but are curious about what they include, here’s a little rundown:

  • When you are part of the Amazon Vine network, this stands to be the only exception.
  • Don’t be the one that writes the reviews for items that financially support you.
  • In return for a review, don’t give money for a product.
  • In return for a rating, don’t bid a discount or promotion. You can also do stuff like give discounts, but not when the user has to write a review in order to get it.
  • Don’t let biased people, including friends or family members, write reviews about you.Don’t vote for the helpfulness of the ratings, because Amazon rejects biasness.
  • Don’t comment negatively on the goods of your rivals, for the same reason as above.
  • For a positive review, don’t swap a good review.
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Why should one create a review website?

Online bookings and shopping have become increasingly popular with Amazon, AliExpress,, TripAdvisor and other giants. The consumers, however, also want to be informed of the quality of the product when submitting to the review pages.  That is why such sites are considered as reliable sources of revenue. Without expensive instruments, one can easily build a review website from scratch. You should contact businesses to review copies of the latest items as your site begins to expand and get more high-quality traffic. Many of them can agree to provide free branding for you. Less competitive than conventional travel websites, review sites are able to draw a lot of social media traffic.

Features of review websites that can make money

After you’ve already recognized the niche and selected the necessary plugin to make the reviews appealing, let’s hop into the usability of the review platform that can result in its high conversion and the potential benefits.

  1. Assess:

From one to five stars, ratings, short posts in pros / cons formats or filling in unique forms with questions related to the features of a product are the most common submissions.

  1. The Profiles:

To make their reviews accurate for the audience, the reviewers should be checked. This is why you can ask them to register, connect to their social media page, or leave mail to their inbox. In this case, in order to communicate with the reviewers to appreciate their operation, answer the questions or answer the objections, that you will be able to comment on the reviews. The features of the profile can include the ability to add photos and change their preferences and personal settings.

  1. Monetization:

It doesn’t mean “just chat” to have a niche review site, but it means turning the reviewers into clients providing a certain range of services and products that are important to your niche.

  1. Automation of requests to place reviews:

You have to gather as many reviews as you can from each user. That is why special tools should be acquired.  These tools will automate the process of sending messages with an invitation to write a summary, surveys, additional ideas, etc. Such experience makes it possible for you to stop losing clients.

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Building a one-day affiliate platform, and expanding it every day

The easiest part is to build a website. You can create an affiliate site in one day, but you need to work on it regularly. In the beginning, at least you need to follow this procedure.

You won’t need to maintain your site all the time. Once you have done all your homework by doing extensive keyword research and producing great content. That’s part of the appeal of building a marketing company for an Amazon affiliate. In the beginning, you pour in blood, sweat and tears, spend countless hours studying the keywords for content development, just to reap the fruits of your labour for several years to arrive to a steady passive income stream.

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