5 Sure-Shot Ways for Choosing the Best Logo Colors to Entice Your Audience
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5 Sure-Shot Ways for Choosing the Best Logo Colors to Entice Your Audience

Human psychology perceives different colors as a communication medium. Just like language is the verbal way to convey certain information, non-verbal communication also holds great importance. Different colors evoke a certain set of feelings that isn’t describable but can be felt as a viewer. Due to the importance colors hold, when designing a logo for the brand it should be kept in mind to select the perfect color that presents the image of business beautifully. The wrong choice of colors may lead to the destruction of any brand and it would reflect the personality that isn’t even near to the brand’s own image.

Effective logos cannot be created if you aren’t aware of the color psychology, as it helps you to determine which color is appropriate for your brand.  If you are wondering how the perfect color can be selected for your effective logo designing, then go through this article and know about the most popular colors that will grab your audience’s attention span.


  • Blue – A Symbol Of Trustworthiness



The blue color is one of the most used versatile colors that go perfectly with the company’s logo. This color is often paired with some other decent colors to give an attractive look to the logo. Huge companies like Samsung and IBM use this logo to portray a trustworthy image of the brand, which makes the audience believe that the brand is durable and reliable. This color creates a sense of security, as companies use this color to present the honesty of their business. Therefore, the blue color is most common among social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The blue color is quite noticeable and shows the level of purity, giving a professional vibe.

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  • Luxurious Black Color


Black is the symbol of sophistication and power and gives a strong feeling of protection. This classic color is serious and authoritative but at the same time, it’s elegant as well. Due to the luxurious side of this color, brands use this color to look more expensive. The black color is popular among fashion, sports, equipment industries, and IT businesses. However, it is never used in family products, finance, baby care, or healthcare due to the strong image it reflects. Companies usually remain minimalistic by using black color in their logo design presenting the simplicity. Brands like WWF, Nike, and Adidas have been sticking to this authoritative color for a long time.



  • Bold & Bright Red Color


Red evokes certain feelings revolving around aggressiveness, strength, power, and excitement. It always wins in gaining the audience’s attention due to the vibrant nature it possesses. A simple tint of red guarantees the success of your brand presenting the bold and bright image of your brand, that’s enough to attract anyone. This color is popular among food and restaurant brands as it signifies hunger and encourages the feeling of food craving. Therefore, big names in the food industry like McDonald’s use red color to increase the feeling of hunger among the audience. It’s also common in the entertainment industry as its ability to make the audience more excited with the passionate feeling.


  • Be Creative Like Yellow


The playful yellow color doesn’t require any other color combination to attract the audience. The joy it holds is enough to make anyone interested in the brand. This color gives an instant noticeable feeling, due to which most of the gaming and toy companies use this color in their logo. Brands like IKEA and Lays use this simple yet creative color to speak for their brand yielding genuineness and straightforwardness to the companies. The yellow color is popular among transportation companies, real estate, and travel agencies as it creates a sense of proactive and awakening nature of the brand. Yellow also highlights extreme caution through safety symbols and radioactive signs.

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  • The Joyful Orange Color


Orange is a sign of happiness and friendly color that connects with the audience to the next level. It builds an instant relationship with viewers and develops their interest in the brand. Orange color belongs to the family of red which is popular for its exciting nature, as it also evokes the feeling of being energetic. A wide range of companies from television channels, food industries, automobiles, online shopping communities use this joyful color to create a pleasingly happy image of the brand. Due to the joy it provides, it’s a popular choice for brands graphic design logo help like Nickelodeon. Orange communicates the message of connectivity and used massively in the fashion industry.


Colors carry a particular meaning that dives deep into the mind of people and hit their mind instantly. Make your logo effective and eye-catching by picking up the right color for your brand that conveys a certain message. Choosing a color that isn’t relevant will lead you towards the failure of the brand, thus give utmost attention to logo color selection. The above-defined color schema will define color psychology helping you to know which color will suit your brand’s image.

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