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3 Ways to Market Your Business Creatively

In a rough estimate, we would suggest that till the early 20th century, marketing departments were not exactly the powerhouses that we see today. Even in big multinational corporations, the marketing team would often be judged as to what was the need of such a department. The though process at those times would be such that shouldn’t the quality or performance of a company’s products be the base of what pulls a consumer in to actually buy the product? Get it? It makes some sense, right? A product should indeed be judged based upon the characteristics, specifications, performance and overall quality of the product that a company has brought to the shelves of the market. 

However, it does pose a question that what do companies do when they are faced with competition or what should companies do when they decide to launch a new product. Would strategy developers just simply assume that consumers will be able to shift to their product naturally? Do strategists believe that consumers will automatically get to know of a brand new product through the spread of word of mouth? Another question that comes to mind is the strategy that product developers will follow or employ once they decide to launch a new or even an existing product in a completely new market, let us assume that company A wishes to launch its already existing product in a completely new state or city, would people automatically get to know of the launch, how will consumers know get to know about the product and where exactly is the motivation to lure a consumer towards buying a product that company A made or developed. 

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There is a simple answer to all these questions and that is, marketing strategy. Through marketing a single company can lure new consumers or buyers in to their grasp by showing them what they are missing out on. Brand loyalty exists in every individual and you would either need a big price cut or a big incentive to force people in to leaving their old go to products for something that is completely new to them. Making this transition is not easy at all, through marketing you build trust between your product and the consumer who you are targeting.

Now, in the modern world, consumer do not just jump in to buying an unknown product just of the bat, based on their gut feeling or what they heard about from their friends. Consumer would now call up the company’s customer service department and inquire to their full, all the details of the product.

The corona virus pandemic that hit the global markets hard in the year 2020 really pushed people towards online shopping and online product searching. Now consumer would call the vendors directly and ask for their opinions and knowledge so how does that help the company sell a product that isn’t really an upgrade on a cheaper substitute. Well, to be honest, here we play with the psychology of the human mind. We tend to build trust and consume products from people that have been nice to us or we even make purchases from companies or shops that had a pleasant tone associated with us during our call. 

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Now we would not want to deviate from the topic but Spectrum Internet, arguably Americas second largest internet service provider is a prime example of what customer representation is all about, to get access to that skill just call on their customer support and keep note book at the side to note how the reps are trained to interact, or you could just go to their website to check their packages out through Spectrum Customer Service & Phone Number.

The Top 3 Ways To Market Your Business Creatively


1.  Get Going With Guerilla

When it comes to guerilla marketing techniques, you need to know the aspects that are under your control, a big budget being the most important thing. When you have a big budget with you as a backup you can try your best to look for things that promote creativity, originality and imagination. 

An example of guerilla marketing is the one that Sony employed, they hired undercover agents to act as tourists in popular spots and asked people to take photos of them by using Sony cameras and would then guide them about the wonderful experience of owning a Sony camera.

2.  Creating Valuable Social Media Content

Digital marketing is all about being the very first link on the google search engine. Everyone likes to get pin point accurate answers to their online google searches. Knowing what consumers are looking for and then developing content in the form of blogs, videos, live telecasts etc. is all what you need.

3.  Milking The Media Attention

You must have heard the saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity. It is indeed true, if you somehow get the media to talk about you in a positive manner, then good for you but if you are even mentioned in a bad light, it still makes people talk about you. however, we prefer to stay on the good side of the media.

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