Top 7 Apple iPhone Camera Tips
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Top 7 Apple iPhone Camera Tips

Top 7 Apple iPhone Camera Tips + How to Shoot Pro Quality Videos (iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max)


Who doesn’t want to take the best pictures, especially those who own an iPhone, and look for chances where they can capture memories? Let us find out how you can achieve such photos on your iPhone. 

  • For More Control, Swipe Up.

Why make it complicated when you can achieve your goals easily? A simple and easy way to access your additional controls, which people use before shooting a refined photo. 

A simple swipe on the viewfinder will allow you to have those extra controls, giving you wider options on how your photos will look.

  • Changing Your Perspective 

This point might be a common view, but this is one of the major problems of a bad photo. Experiment with your subject and often try to crouch down and walk around the subject so that you get the light to hit your subject just in the way you want.

  • Exposure Should Be Adjusted 

If you feel that your subject is overlighted or is darker than you want it to be, adjusting your exposure could do the trick. While taking a photo, you can click on your subject and then move the sun icon according to the brightness that you would want your subject to have. 

  • Getting A Grid 

This is an important feature for taking a proper photo on an iPhone, and many iPhone users use this facility. They help to put the subject in the centre of the screen. By doing the following steps.

  1. First launch Settings 
  2. Then click the camera 
  3. Followed by visiting the section on Composition. 
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Now you have the accessibility of having a 3-inch-by-3-inch grid, which will give you an idea of where to position your subject in the frame.

  • Blurry Background With Portrait Mode 

While getting started with a photo of an animal or a person, try adding a blurry background. It creates a stylish yet artistic touch to your pictures. Too much blur can destroy your photo. Try keeping it soft. You will have access to this effect when you swipe left on the viewfinder of your iPhone or simply by clicking “Portrait” in the mode switcher.

You can get a lot of different portrait settings, each with lighting conditions different from the others, including some conditions that will completely black out your subject’s background, making them much more professional and finished in the result.

  • Utilizing The Photographic Styles 

An iPhone 13 or a recent model can be swiped up in your camera app. This will take you to the Photographic Styles which is used for taking pictures that look the most appealing to your tastes.

  • Micro Subjects Need Macro Mode 

The recent iPhones have a new feature, macro mode, which enables you to get closer to your subject. Where you can take more detailed images from your iPhone. The capability of the iPhone to capture macro photography is beyond perfection. So try using this mode and go creative.

As you are familiar with how to take quality images, let us see how you can shoot pro-quality videos using the following:

  • iPhone 13 Pro : 

Having an ‌‌iPhone 13 Pro enables you to take ProRes video shots which will give you the accessibility to do editing in real-time while giving you professional quality images. 

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Turn it on by: 

  1. Going to the Settings app on your ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌.
  2. Scroll down, followed by tapping on the camera.
  3. Click on “Formats”.
  4. Click on “Video Capture,” and adjust the switch right beside Apple ProRes to green, indicating it is enabled.

The basic 128GB storage iPhone will allow you to shoot a 1080p ProRes video with 30 frames per second.

B. iPhone 14 Pro : 

To turn on the ProRes video option, the steps for the iPhone 13 Pro can be followed, enabling you to get high colour fidelity, and compression would be much less. 

Moreover, iPhone 14 has “Cinematic Mode” that gives digital blurring or bokeh and gives the exact results of a standalone camera and lens that captures details in a scene. You can always use a gimbal for iPhones if you want additional stability.

C. iPhone 14 Pro max : 

To get the best quality, enable shooting in 4K and 24fps frame rate. If you need a slow-motion shot, you can go for 4k and 60fps, which slows the footage down to 40 percent. However, if you want HD mode for slow motions, you can shoot it at 240fps. To change the resolution and frame rate, 

Launch the setting in your iPhone 14 Pro max.

  1. Then click on the camera.
  2. Followed by “record video”.
  3. This menu will allow you to change the resolution and your desired frame rate.


There are many ways you can take a photograph with your iPhone. Here we have mentioned the best tips you can follow as an iPhone owner to make your photo stand out from the rest.

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