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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: Specs + Comparisons To Previous Models + Worth It Or Not? (2023)


Every year a new iPhone launches, and the whole world starts talking about it. However, it’s very important to know what you are buying before you buy it. Keep reading this article to understand the product better so that you can make a decision that would benefit you.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max appears to be one of a kind. This isn’t like always, only a processor bump and a higher digital camera, and it is an evolution of the tool we need in our hands at all times.

While Apple’s creation and naming may suggest that the Dynamic Island is in constant motion, it is now no longer a pretty installation that way.  

Dynamic Island & Other Features

Tap on the Live Activity being shown, and it’ll open the app in use. Press and save to look at the Dynamic Island shift and display a shortcut to controls or a different UI. This function feels like a multitasking feature and prefers dynamic conversions.

 A Super Retina XDR screen, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 2796-pixel through 1290-pixel show resolution at 460 PPI. This is a moderate growth over the iPhone thirteen Pro Max, which had a 2778 pixel through 1284 pixel decision at 458 PPI.

The bezels are ever so barely reduced; however, maximum customers might not notice. The alternative from a notch to the brand-new sensor housing is one of the few factors that would decide which iPhone you are holding.

ProMotion with 10 Hz to 120 Hz returns. The show remains HDR, helps True Tone, and has a 2 million to at least one comparison ratio. 

  • The Photonic Engine

Before diving into the bodily digital cam enhancements, it’s far more crucial to cope with the software program that makes this all possible. Apple has an up-to-date picture graph pipeline to make Deep Fusion take place sooner, and it’s preferred as the Photonic Engine.

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This up-to-date method permits shades and sharpness to be retained so that Deep Fusion happens at the uncompressed picture graph. Like Deep Fusion, this mode is best utilized in less-than-best lighting fixtures and situations; however, it remains brighter than Night Mode.

Apple extended the pixel count withinside the Main Camera for the first time after the iPhone 6. It moved from a 12MP f/1.5 sensor to a 48MP f/1.78 sensor, even though the ensuing picture graph will nonetheless be 12MP whilst stored in the image library.

With 4K Cinematic Mode and Action Mode, Cinematic Mode became a flagship function of the iPhone thirteen. However, it failed to make plenty of a dash in real-global use. Apple has made it a better function for iPhone 14 to get 4K 24fps recording.

  • Chipset

These claims of the A16 bionic chip being the best in the game are smooth to make for the business enterprise as competition is nonetheless suffering to triumph over Apple’s two-year-old chips, not to mention today’s as well. The A16 Bionic has a 6-center CPU and 5-center GPU

  • Benchmarks

We ran the Geekbench tool on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, scoring 1,889 for single-center overall performance and 5,369 for multi-center overall performance. This is fantastic growth over the iPhone thirteen Pro Max, which rates 1,728 in single-center and 4,790 in multi-center.

Look at the iPhone 14 Pro Max scoring at 15,304, a bounce over the A15 Bionic’s 14,954 scores.

  • Powering

Battery life is one of the hardest things to check on a brand-new smartphone. A brand-new smartphone’s preliminary setup, updates, and history processing can seriously affect battery life.

  • Safety 

Emergency SOS through satellite will let customers connect their iPhones immediately to satellites and contact emergency responders. The whole iPhone 14 lineup has this specialized system to perform this procedure without failing.

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Its Predecessors

iPhone thirteen Pro Max customers will no longer buy a new phone unless they recognize that the brand-new digital cam updates would benefit them. Battery lifestyles and overall performance might not be sufficient to notice; however, Dynamic Island is surely a nice-to-have new function.

The iPhone 14 collection is the follow-up to last year’s iPhone thirteen lineup and springs with numerous enhancements over the older generation. However, the best pick-out designs in the new lineup also get all the new functions. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of these, which means it gets a ton of the latest functions, making it worth upgrading over its predecessor. However, the iPhone 14 Pro additionally receives a few equal functions and layout factors, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max holds a few better cards.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max is powerful and has extraordinary feature sets. It is hands down a very good choice to go with if spending lots of money isn’t your first concern.

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