How to Evaluate Backlink Quality
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How to Evaluate Backlink Quality?

You might know a lot about backlinks. But are you sure you are not missing out on anything? We will make sure you have a more excellent range of knowledge on Backlinks through this article, irrespective of whether you know it or not. So without any further words, let’s dive into the main topic.

What do people mean when they use the term backlink?


In SEO, a good quality backlink is a do-follow backlink spotted in the body of the text in a high-quality website that has relevance and is related to your topic, thus sliding the user’s attention towards your website. You might know this by a different name. Yes, you are not wrong even so. You might have heard about the same concept being named as an incoming link or maybe inbound links. Yes, it’s the same thing as Backlinks. The terms are used as synonyms of each other. Suppose a site posting about Valentine’s Day plans (website A) is linked to another posting about Valentine’s Day gifts (website B). The website posting about gifts (website B) gets a vote of confidence due to the Backlink from the Valentine’s Day plans site (website A).

Backlinks are shown on different websites in different ways. For example, in samplings, you might have seen a link attached to a written in the end or in the middle of the link that says, “you might also like……”. This is also how Backlinks are placed and the way they work.

Why should you get Backlinks? Why is it important?

It was seen in the records that more amount of Backlinks leads to the more significant optimization of ranking of a webpage on Google. In layman’s language, the higher the number of Backlinks to be used, the greater the ranking of your website on the search engine. However, this is not very prevalent or relevant in the current situation.

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Backlinks are essential in SEO as they point towards the fact that another website has found your content to be knowledgeable and valuable enough to link it inside their content. When your website earns more backlinks, Google’s or your respective search engine considers your website To be a hub for valuable content and thus worth ranking higher on the search engine results page.

How to Build Quality Backlinks?

There are two basic ways how you can build a quality backlink. They are :

1.      Presenting to a guest blog post

It’s considered a great idea not only to acquire a link from a high-quality website but also to have additional benefits and empower more authorities. However, it is suggested that you go overboard with this.

2.      Existing articles? Add links to

If it’s not new content, you can write a mail to the owner of the website to bring to his knowledge how your content would add more value to their already existing content or how it would be beneficial and knowledgeable for their readers.

Even though whichever way you embrace, it is essential that the quality of the acquiring backlinks should be relatively high, and the content should be helpful to the people to a great extent and relevant With the original website it is being connected to.

3 Major Contributions of Quality Backlinks to SEO

1.      Attracts New Potential customers

When a user reads Quality content and sees another link attached to it with relevant, related data, there are high chances that they will click on the attached Backlink to learn more about the just read thing.

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2.      Continuity for years

If you obtain links from reputed directories, it can drive your website traffic for many years to come. Suppose you are a seller of shoes and you manage to obtain a link on a directory that manufactures clothes, then every person visiting their website may come to your website and search for shoes matching the clothes. Thus, increasing your sales for many years.

3.      Brand Name

It’s unnecessary to say that getting your links on well-known websites is a great thing to boost your SEO, but it also helps build a brand name. When Google sees a link attached to a good website, they automatically consider the linked site to be providing useful information and thus turn that to your advantage.

3 Essential Determinants of How to Evaluate whether the quality of Backlink is good or not

1.      Linking site

The original site to which the Backlink has been attached plays a vital role in evaluating the Backlink quality. If the site provides highly useful and knowledgeable content, the readers gain more interest in knowing about the fact in a broader sense. In that case, there are high chances that the Backlink attached to it would be beneficial for them. Thus, creating the impression that the backlink quality is good. Thus, by the quality of the content of the original linking site, you can easily evaluate the quality of the Backlink attached to it.

2.      Contents relevance

The relevance of the content in the link attached through the website also plays an essential role in determining the Backlink quality. If the Backlink attached to the content is not related to it, users may find it unnecessary. Thus, might not want to get into it if the link is highly associated with the content. In that case, there is a very high possibility that if they find relevant content in the same link, they will definitely click on it and read about it further. So if your Backlink is attached to a relevant website, it can be a good determinant  of good quality.

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3.      On-page Analysis

The position and the type of link is also an essential determinant of its quality. The position where the link is placed also impacts the user about the quality of the link. The user considers numerous factors to determine the quality. Some of them are :

  • The naturalness of the link
  • Position of the link: Whether above the footer or body or fold etc.
  • Where it’s an image or text or a redirected link
  • Status of the link: lost or live
  • Type of page it is attached in: blogging or forum thread/video widget/forum signature/article/short paragraph/group links etc.
  • Whether it’s a homepage link or a deep link
  • The status of the HTTP


Hope now you know about Backlinks a lot more than many do. You must know its benefits, and evaluate a high-quality backlink. This article is highly beneficial for the readers as well as for the website users. The contents of the article can benefit both.

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