How Does Video Marketing Boost Your ECommerce Link Building Tactics
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How Does Video Marketing Boost Your ECommerce Link Building Tactics?

You may have invested in tempting written descriptions, high-quality product images, and even gathered reviews of your products, but nothing conveys the story like an effective and engaging video. The way video marketing can play a role in your eCommerce link-building tactics, none of the other things can do it.

Link building is indeed hard work, and outcomes mostly don’t appear until months after you have invested a huge amount of time and resources. However, some studies show that it works, and even though results turn out to be minimal at the beginning, they will grow exponentially at the end of the curve.

It is all about you constantly pushing the flywheel, working hard till you get even a clue of momentum. Then you build upon that small amount of momentum till it starts to ease up and to push through becomes easier.   

Here, amidst all your tactics, producing eCommerce videos may appear to be a big investment, but the payment is always worth it. It has been predictable that by 2021 videos will make up more than 80 per cent of all web traffic. So, investing in video marketing for your link building is essential.

Videos are Everywhere

  • Today, YouTube is not the only player in the contemporary age because of emerging video platform competitors like Vivo, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Twitch.
  • All professionals are hanging out on Google Hangouts or conducting meetings with GoToMeeting.
  • Videos are mostly embedded in email newsletters and websites.
  • Webinars happen continuously and can be watched live or replayed.
  • You see your friends on Facebook Live.
  • You are indeed sharing videos from every possible source on each possible social platform.
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Hence, it is quite clear that videos are not going anywhere. Hence, there is much scope in video marketing for your eCommerce link building.

How Can You Use Videos for Link Building?

There is much you can do with videos for your link building like:

  • You can embed the videos on a site to make the content more powerful and appealing. You can use every video as a resource to point someone to when you are trying to construct a relationship that will lead to a specific link.
  • You can create the playlists and offer them as resources.
  • You can add transcripts and timestamps to websites where the videos are embedded. Each of these videos may appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as a regular search or a video search.
  • Once you send out your email newsletter, you can quickly point your subscribers to specific videos. You can tell everyone that you have a fresh series. Also, you may ask for questions that people would like to have answered in your future videos.

Hence, when you think about building links with videos, it is not only about getting links to your actual videos. Certainly, it is great if it happens, but it is much more about you using videos to produce interest in the content that will attract links, both directly or indirectly.

To sum up, using video marketing for eCommerce link building is an excellent way to add more visual interest to your products and services. You can also add more pieces of content to your overall marketing tactics with videos. 

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