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How to Boost Your Website’s Traffic using 5 Easy SEO Tips

If you want internet users to find your website, search engine optimization is a must-try. SEO encompasses a dozen tactics to increase your website’s ranking so people can find you on top of the search results. When people click your website, that’s the time that you can boost your website’s traffic. Spending money on ads can slash out your pockets so why not try SEO this time?

Tips to Boost Your Website’s Traffic


If you haven’t utilized SEO for your website yet, it isn’t too late to start now. Search engine optimization can skyrocket the traffic on your site in several ways.

Concentrate on a particular topic

Search engines always direct people to those sites that have high domain authority. It means that a site is authoritative in a specific field or topic. If you consider yourself an expert on a specific topic, the content found on your site should reflect that. Do not embrace general or various topics in a single website because it is proven to be ineffective.

Choose relevant keywords

Once you have a specific topic you want to explore, it would be easier to pick relevant keywords. These are the search terms that will lead users to your site. You can then use these keywords on your articles, site’s URL, meta descriptions, header tags, and even alt attributes. This can take a lot of work and can take too much of your time. If you want to focus on other tasks and offload SEO in your things to do, then try to find a credible SEO agency as they can assist you with these tasks.

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Develop attractive content

Being on top of the search results is not enough to boost traffic. For people to click your site, you need to have attractive content. You can use SEO-friendly on-page titles and headlines so you would catch the user’s attention in just a glance. Do not also forget to ensure that your title and headline describe exactly the content on that page.

Optimize the images on your site

Images are a powerful asset to attract and entertain visitors. However, it can also slow down your site if you don’t optimize it. You can shrink your images to a smaller size, but make sure that you won’t compromise the quality. Another way to optimize is by putting alt attributes. Alt attributes are the description of images when it fails to load. Target alt attributes with a maximum of 125 words.

Speed up your site

One way to retain users on your website is to reduce your site’s load time. You need to ensure that your site’s performance is efficient when it is viewed from desktop and mobile devices. You can analyze the speed of your site using Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and a few more tools. In this way, you will not lose visitors and you’ll be able to decrease your bounce rate.


These five tips are just the surface of SEO, and there’s a lot more to dig. Although these are the simplest and most basic tactics, it is indeed a powerful starting point. Working to rank on search engines like Google or Bing don’t have shortcuts and it can’t happen overnight. Try to be patient while you are in the process of applying these tips to your site.

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