7 Business SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Comparison of 7 Business SEO Tools for Keyword Research

The best SEOs know that they couldn’t do their job half as well if they didn’t have input to the right tools. And since keywords are at the core of everything we do in SEO, it’s time to talk about keyword research tools, specifically those for enterprise-level clients.

Whether you’re an eCommerce giant, a large law firm, or any other type of business, you need to work with keyword research tools that can manipulate the volume of data you’ll generate and show you the metrics that matter to you and your clients.

In this list, you’ll find some important tools along with some tools you’ve never heard of before. The greats are great for good reason, but that’s no reason to rule out lesser-known players.

So, let’s get down to business. Here are seven business SEO tools for comparative keyword research!

  • Botify






  • It is divided into Essential, Pro, and Enterprise pricing tiers.

What is Botify?

So what is Botify and why did you make this list at No. #1?

It is an all-in-one SEO tool built explicitly for enterprise businesses. It’s built to handle volume and volume: Botify’s site crawler can handle up to 250 URLs per second.

Botify Analytics is everything you need in an SEO analytics tool, showing you engagement data, query tracking, and log files all in one place. Meanwhile, Botify Intelligence gathers all the SEO issues affecting your website and prioritizes them in one list so you can attack the most important.

It’s easy to see why Botify is a winner for business-level SEO research.

Why Botify Works for Business Keyword Research

  • Botify helps businesses find the best keyword opportunities in their current rankings.
  • Create keyword lists with any thematic grouping you want.
  • Botify uses Search Console-level data to show users pages with good impressions but low CTR.

Botify’s Keyword Research Tool helps you conduct keyword research with all the best capabilities of Google Search Console. Additionally, it allows you to research new keyword opportunities and find your most relevant current rankings.

  • Search metrics

Search metrics


Monthly: $69-$149 for basic packages, which you can customize on an enterprise level.

What is SearchMetrics?

Search Metrics has cleverly qualified itself. Like many other tools on this list, it’s a versatile Swiss army knife for SEO research. The tool allows you to research keywords, metrics, and PPC data. It allows you to test your content so you can write more focused articles designed to help users convert. And it allows you to examine your portfolio of backlinks.

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Searchmetrics also packs quite a bit into its business packages.

Why Searchmetrics Works for Business Keyword Research

  • At the higher levels of the platform package, businesses can yield to rankings for 50,000 to 200,000 keywords, which should provide more than enough data for in-depth keyword research.
  • Keyword research reports show all the relevant data, including search volumes and movements over time.
  • The platform features a useful keyword gap tool that allows you to compare your keyword ranking with the competition.

Searchmetrics is a tool that businesses love for its packages that are specifically tailored to them and the volumes they need.




Monthly: €99-€599 ($99.55-$602.35).

What is SISTRIX?


SISTRIX is another comprehensive SEO data tool that allows you to do everything you need to maintain your ranking and keep your SEO in line.

Its keyword functionality shows you search volumes, competition and trends over time and allows you to create your own keyword sets. You can also review your competitors’ keyword approaches so you can step up your efforts.

These features, along with its secondary audits, content analysis, and paid media data, make SISTRIX an SEO tool worth trying.

Why SISTRIX works for business keyword research

  • The Keyword Discovery tool allows you to explore lead terms, related keywords, and associated data.
  • You’ll see historical trends and competition for all keywords, putting your potential keyword choices into context in the industry.
  • The platform allows you to add up to 10,000 keywords to a list that you can use for on-page optimization or content creation.

Entrepreneurial businesses will appreciate the ability to build 10,000 strong keyword lists from the ideas they discover on SISTRIX. That’s the kind of volume big companies need to give up to stay in the game.

  • Semrush



Monthly: $119.95-$449.95.

What is Semrush?

You can’t leave Semrush out of a list of the best business keyword research tools. There is so much depth to plumb with this tool, from your SEO site audits and data to your PPC insights, current rankings data, content marketing topic tool, and copywriting assistant.

It is one of the best known all-in-one SEO tools. The value you get for the price is unquestionable.

Semrush is a bot like any other SEO tool and so while it doesn’t have direct input to Google data, it’s still one of the best tools out there for presenting keyword data and trends.

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Why Semrush Works for Business Keyword Research

  • Keyword research presents your most relevant insights, including search volume, historical trends, difficulty, and CPC (cost per click) data.
  • Search for a keyword and get input to over 22 billion keyword ideas from the Semrush database.
  • Create your own keyword lists, with 1000 keywords in one list.
  • Examine the keyword gaps between you and up to five competitors.

These abilities make Semrush a top-tier keyword research tool for businesses.

This Clarity



What is SEOClarity?

seoclaridad promotes itself as an all-in-one SEO platform with a forward thinking philosophy. It brings together SEO data, keyword metrics, content analysis, and SEO automation in one tool to let you work SEO magic.

The tool drives your data-driven approach to SEO, particularly when it comes to keyword tracking, website error tracking, and analytics reporting.

Why seoClarity works for business keyword research

  • The platform claims to have the largest set of keywords available anywhere, with over 30 billion sets in over 170 countries.
  • It shows you related keyword ideas.
  • Aggregated keyword trends from billions of searches.
  • The tool allows you to see the top 100 rankings of your competitors in any search engine.
  • You can see your daily keyword rankings along with SERP previews for those terms.

These points, plus the fact that the tool adds a billion new keywords to its monthly repository, make seoClarity a huge success for business-level keyword research.

Professional long tail

Long Tail Pro


Monthly, $37-147. Annually, $297-$1,177.

What is Long Tail Pro?

As the name suggests, Long Tail Pro focuses on the long tail keyword angle.

It’s also a practical angle, as businesses of all sizes can benefit from using long-tail keywords.

Think of the eCommerce heavy hitter who needs to optimize their product pages for the terms people use.

The tool also brings its A-game into competitor research, allowing you to search for keywords and instantly pull up the SERPs, so you know how to strategize your content approach .

Long Tail Pro also features the other top features you’d expect from an SEO tool, including a current ranking tracker, backlink analyzer, and site audit tool.

Why Long Tail Pro Works for Business Keyword Research

  • Search for a leading term and get thousands of long-tail variants of that term.
  • Get up to 400 long-tail variants of a term from Google Keyword Planner.
  • Group them by search volume or any other metric you want.

You can compare keyword approaches with each other to see your competitors’ strategies and use them to your advantage.

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A long-tail keyword approach may not be right for everyone, but there are benefits to focusing on it.

Long-tail terms are often said to be “easier” to rank for (not always true) and are also further down the sales funnel, which is why you see eCommerce brands optimizing product pages for them.

Long Tail Pro provides thousands of ideas per search and is a perfect tool if you want to create a robust long tail strategy. It’s perfect for large eCommerce operations and highly competitive niches.




What is Ahrefs?

Like many of the tools on this list, Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO platform that allows you to conduct keyword research, track keyword rankings over time, analyze your domain or others, conduct site audits and analyze its content.

Long story short, but know that Ahrefs can do everything you need an all-in-one SEO tool to do. Track your backlinks, check for duplicate content, examine your JavaScript, and do so much more with this platform.

Why Ahrefs is good for business keyword research

  • The Keyword Explorer tool is the largest third-party keyword repository.
  • The tool gives you input to over 7 billion keyword ideas.
  • Data from 171 countries.
  • Keywords are available on 10 search engines.
  • It goes the extra mile on keyword data, showing clicks per search, paid click-through rate, and other metrics.
  • Ahrefs updates search volume data monthly.

In terms of the sheer volume of options you have with keyword ideas and keyword data, Ahrefs is a platform you can’t miss.

Entrepreneurial businesses will benefit from its wealth of country and search engine data. If you want it complete, here it is.

Which Business Keyword Research Tool Is Right For You?

When deciding which SEO tool is best for you or your business, there are many factors to consider.

Due to the enormity of the infrastructure involved in maintaining truly impressive SEO data scraping tools, the keyword research tools mentioned in this post come, in some cases, with huge price tags.

But when you think about what you get, and the income you could generate by SEO optimizing your website for the right keywords, the costs are worth it when you use the tools effectively.

Companies need to be as careful with their keyword strategies as any other company. Tools like these can be your best friends.

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